Tasks of the project


2.3.1.Preparation of archaeological maps of Myntobe and Karatobe burial grounds.

Implementation method: digital data collection using a laser tacheometer, map preparation using computer programs such as CorelDraw, AutoCad and ArcMap.

Expected result: New data on the number, shape, size, height and location of burial mounds are obtained.

2.3.2.Conducting excavations in Burial Grounds.

Implementation method: conducting excavations at the burial grounds of Myntobe and Karatobe burial grounds at the specified stages.

Expected result: The features of the structure of burial mounds are determined, burial traditions and material culture are determined.

2.3.3.Determination of the archaeogenetic relationship of the Indigenous population.

Implementation method: conducting archaeogenetic studies of materials obtained from the burial ground.

Expected result: Data on the relationship of skeletons lying in one grave or in two separate graves are obtained.

2.3.4.Identification of morphological features of Indigenous Peoples.

Method of implementation: conducting anthropological studies of materials obtained from the plague.

Expected result: The gender, age, and health status of skeletons are determined.

2.3.5. Determination of the timing by sampling organic substances

Method of implementation: radiocarbon sampling is carried out.

Expected result: the absolute duration of the plague is determined

2.3.6. Determination of the composition of archaeological materials

 Implementation method: performing X-ray fluorescent (XRF) tests

 Expected result: the composition of metal and clay substances is determined. This allows us to determine where the source of raw materials is located.

2.3.7. Study, processing and analysis of archaeological materials

Implementation method: conducting research with the involvement of specialists of related disciplines and restaurateurs. Chemical cleaning of artifacts, preservation, reconstruction of missing parts (if necessary), creation of a complete photofixation.

Expected result: obtaining new and complete information in the process of studying substances, timing of materials.

2.3.8.Supplement the museum’s expositions with artifacts found as a result of scientific research.

Method of implementation: transfer of artifacts to the museum fund after the completion of in-house research (detailed description, photofixation of artifacts, in-house processing).

Expected result: the museum fund in the region will be replenished with new artifacts.

2.3.9.Development of proposals for the preservation of Myntobe and Karatobe burial grounds as objects of historical and cultural heritage.

Implementation method: recommendations will be developed for the preservation and museumization of monuments, and the burial ground will be opened for tourists to visit and visit.

Expected result: the recommendations will contribute to increasing the tourist attractiveness of the region.


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