Myntobe burial ground is located 2 km south of the village of Gani Muratbayev, Keles district, on the lower course of the Keles river, on a high non-flooded terrace at the confluence of the Syrdarya river. The north and east of the cemetery is occupied by a steep valley. The southern side is a steep cliff up to 20 m deep. The Syrdarya river is 1 km away from this cliff. The western side is connected to the Keles River. The town of Kultobe is located on the right bank of the mentioned river, opposite to Myntobe cemetery. The graves in Myntobe burial ground cover 2 kilometers from east to west and 1.5 kilometers from north to south in an unsystematic manner. However, it can be seen that the plagues on some mountain surfaces are connected to each other. The diameter of the pits is 6 – 33 m, the height is 0.65 – 4.30 m. Most of them are circular. Among them, there are also ones that have an elongated (drop) shape on one side and a groove around it. According to scientists, this burial ground belongs to the Kanly culture.