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Formed on a potter’s wheel. Height 13 cm, bottom diameter 6.5 cm, body diameter 12 cm, neck height 3 cm, rim diameter 8 cm, thickness 1 cm. There are red engobe smudges from the mouth down to the body. Dating back to the 3rd century AD.

1Kurgan/Tumulu №7MT-2022-1/K7Original, good condition

Jug with spout.

Height 40 cm, bottom diameter 22 cm, body diameter 30 cm, neck height 5 m, rim height 13 cm. The outer surface is covered with a wavy pattern. A large number of similar jugs with a spout were found in the upper building horizon of the Aktobe settlement near Shardara. Dated to the 3rd century. AD

1Kurgan/Tumulu №7MT-2022-2/K7Original, bad condition


There are traces of soot on the surface. The vessel is made by hand. The dough contains large stones, fireclay. Height 22.5 cm, bottom diameter 20 cm, body diameter 24 cm, neck height 3 cm, rim diameter 20 cm. The belt under the rim is decorated with an ornament made with tucks. On ceramic dishes from Sadyr-Kurgan and Asarchik there is also an ornament made in a similar way. Dated to the 3rd century AD.

1Kurgan/Tumulu №7MT-2022-3/K7Original, bad condition
4Bead made of transparent rock crystal. There is a hole in the middle for threading. Diameter 1 cm. Dating back to the 

Kurgan/Tumulu №6, naus 2

MT-2022-1/K6Original, good condition